Women's Empowerment website

Women's Empowerment website was created by Mark Aplet as a donation to the community. He used Mango to manage the complete website, from the News items, to the Hot Topics and My Story sections and all the pages. He also uses some plugins like the Flickr plugin to show pictures.

He says:

Using software like Mango Blog, I was able to quickly develop a simple website and push the limits of what I know about the software to do more than it was intended.

It was a fun challenge to undertake. Especially doing the design and code in just over a week. A true testament to the speed and flexibility of a great application like Mango Blog.

I personally think that not only the website looks great, but it is very nice to see people donating their services to the community.

52 Doodles

When I first started this news section, I posted some entries about "Mango in the wild" to show off some nice sites that were using Mango. It was a great way to show nice themes that people were creating for Mango and to show other things such as websites that were using their own custom plugins, custom tags, or that for some reason, went off the norm.

Then I created the Who uses Mango list, so I stopped updating this category. But some websites deserve the mention, so here it is again.

52 Doodles

Kurt Kland is an artist. And he expresses himself during boring weekly meetings at his job. Well, he doesn't say they are boring, but we all know how these meetings go. So he draws doodles in his notebook. He calls them "little sketches" and I just wish I could draw "little sketches" like that. I love how some even contain the "meeting notes". Please somebody, give Kurt a canvas and some paint!

Regarding Mango, Kurt's website shows how a blog can be used for many purposes besides a typical post/archives/sidebar/links blog. It shows Mango's flexibility to adapt to many designs, as it does not impose a particular layout, content or feature to be used in the website.

Remote Synthesis runs on Mango

Brian Rinaldi, well known blogger at Remote Synthesis has moved his blog to use Mango. He talks about his experience in this post:

Making the Move to Mango


DataPacks' blog

Bill and Miss

A family blog by Bill Roberts: Bill and Miss (and Jacob too)

Snow Lake

Snow Lake Shores' website.

David Chang's Blog

David Chang's Blog about ColdFusion and Java