MangoBlog on Railo and Tomcat

Russ Michaels wrote a blog post explaining some tweaks he needed to do in order for the SEO urls to run under Tomcat.

Read the whole post at Russ' blog.

How to debug plugin issues

So you have a plugin that has issues. What can you do?

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How to Create a Post Using Mango's API

Justin Scott wrote a good tutorial explaining how to programmatically create posts (ie: posts coming from a feed or another CMS) using the API. You can read more at Justin's blog.

How to Enable Verbose Logging

In version 1.5, I cut down the amount of logging stored when a plugin has an error. Adam Tuttle explains how to enable additional information to be logged when you are debugging a plugin or an error. Read at Adam's blog.

Hidden Gems in Mango 1.5

Adam Tuttle wrote a post about some of the changes made in release 1.5. A good read, specially if you are using MSSQL. Read at Adam's blog.

Creating a Mango Blog Theme Guide

Benedict Lowndes, who ported the Vigilance theme, has posted a guide on how to create a Mango theme. He has very good tips if you want to try to make your own blog design.

SES URLs on Tomcat

One problem people had when using Mango on Railo on Tomcat is that they need to change the settings to not use friendly URLs. That also happens with ColdFusion if you are using it on top on Tomcat.

Indiver Nagpal describes the changes you need to make to make it work with the default friendly URLs.