Inspired by Seb Duggan's YouTube Plugin, Josh Rodgers has created a plugin that allows you to embed Brightcove videos into your posts by simply writing [brightcove:videoid] in the post content. I don't have any videos at Brightcove, so I won't embed any in this post. But you can check it out at Josh's blog. Good job!


ColdFusion 8 CAPTCHA plugin

Seb Duggan is at it again. He has created a plugin to replace the Lyla Captcha plugin to use instead ColdFusion 8's new Captcha functionality. If you don't have Java enabled and you are running CF 8, his plugin would be a good replacement for Lyla. Or maybe you just like CF 8's captcha better than Lyla's.

Check it out! 

YouTube plugin

Seb Duggan has created a plugin to easily add YouTube videos to your blog posts. You can download it from Seb's blog: YouTube plugin for Mango Blog

It's great to see new plugins coming in!

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Glossy Blue skin

I added a new skin: Glossy Blue. Because I like it a lot, I added to the default download instead of simply posting it as a downloadable skin. I hope you like it too!


AdSense & AmazonAd Tags

Joshua Rodgers has created a very nice set of tags that lets you add AdSense and Amazon ads to your blog.

You can read more about them and download them from his blog at AdSense & AmazonAd Custom tags for MangoBlog

I am always happy to see people creating add ons for Mango! 

Beta 2.4 released

A new beta version has been posted in the downloads. What's changed:

  • You can now add or edit posts via Contribute
  • Akismet plugin added as an alternative (or addition) to Captcha
  • New skin: Glossy Blue
  • Other minor bug fixes