Sitemap generator plugin

Russell Brown has created a plugin that generates a sitemap.xml file for your blog. This file makes it easier for Google and other search engines to index your website.

Read more and download at Russell's blog. Module Plugin

Russell Brown has created a plugin to include a module at the bottom of your posts. Read more at Russell's blog entry.

Plug-in Tutorial

Matt Jezorek has written a tutorial on how to create a plugin for Mango. I think it is a great introduction and it will help many people getting started creating plugins.

Social Bookmarking Tag

Matt Jezorek has created a Social Bookmarking tag that allows you to add links to popular bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, NewsVine, etc) so that people can send your post directly to them.

Plugin template for Mango

Matt Jezorek has created a plugin template or skeleton that you can use to create your own plugin. It provides all the required methods so that you just need to "fill in the blanks".

ShoppingAds Tag

Josh has created a tag that you can add to your skin to output ads provided by ShoppingAds. Read more at Josh's post.

I agree with him that plugins are less intrusive than tags, since you don't have to change your theme files. While I cannot anticipate where people would like to add ads in the html, I am planning to add a template event to the bottom of the post and make it easier to add "pods" to the blog sidebar. I hope that that will, at least partially, solve that problem. Plugin

Josh has created a plugin to embed a video into your posts. Read more at Josh's blog.

I am thinking that we should have a single plugin to output any of the popular video sites... :)