Version 1.1 released

I have released version 1.1!

What's new:

  • New template tags that allow manipulation of pods
  • Initial Pod Manager
  • Updated Google Analytics plugin
  • Updated Form-to-email plugin to work with Captcha
  • File explorer fix for IE
  • Users can create drafts that do not have title or content
  • Upgraded TinyMCE editor
  • Miscelaneous bug fixes

The biggest new feature in the release 1.1 is the ability for plugins to add "Pods" to specific locations in the themes, usually sidebars. In addition, users can choose from the Administration what pods will be shown and in what order. For this feature to work, the theme you use must be "Pod-enabled". I have updated the following built-in themes: Glossy Blue, Nautica 05, Movable Type, and Terra Firma. I will be updating the other themes in the near future. You can read a little bit about Pod-enabling your theme.

As an example of a plugin that creates a pod, I've created the Flickr Widget pod to show Flickr pictures for a specific user and/or tags. If you are upgrading, you can download the plugin by itself. It is also a good example if you are interested in creating Pod plugins.


Event Start Template

All theme templates announce a set of events that can be used by plugins to output data at various places on the page. When creating a new theme, you must make sure that it announces all the available template events, so that plugins can do their jobs. For example, Google Analytics plugin listens for the "beforeHtmlBodyEnd" event to output the necessary JavaScript code that it uses to track visitors. If the theme does not announce that event, then Google Analytics plugin will not track visitors on that page.

Because there are many events a page must announce, it is easy to forget some events. To help on that task, Mark Aplet has created an Event Start Template that contains all the events your theme must announce.

Star Gazer theme

Mark Aplet has created a nice theme called Star Gazer. You can read more about it at Mark's blog. I've added it to the admin downloads, but you can also download it from his site. Good job Mark!