SmartType plugin

Adam Tuttle has created a plugin to converts all dashes, ellipses and multiplication signs into their typographic equivalents in posts and pages (content and title).

You can download it and read more at Adam's blog.


More URL rewriting

Similar to the URL rewriting guide by Adam Tuttle, Mark Aplet has written a guide on how to apply URL rewriting for Mango using ISAPI_Rewrite 3.0.

How to setup URL rewriting guide

Mango supports friendly URLs out of the box, but those still contain the .cfm extension. Mango also allows you to change the URL of your posts, pages and archives. That requires a URL rewriting engine. Adam Tuttle has posted a guide on how to setup URL rewriting to create friendly URLs for Mango, without the .cfm extension using Ionic's ISAPI rewrite.