Admin page layout in Mango 1.3

As part of release 1.3, Seb Duggan cleaned up the layout of the administration forms. If you develop a plugin that needs to show forms in the administration, you will find his post to be of interest. He explains how you need to structure your forms so that they will look good and be consistent with the overall administration style. Read more at Seb's blog post.

Version 1.3 released

I am happy to announce that we just released a major upgrade. First of all, I'd like to thank Seb Duggan for his help, who made it possible to add improvements to the admin and the way plugins are installed and developed. He also fixed some bugs and made other changes.

Some of the new features and improvements:

  • Custom authentication and custom login pages controlled from the skin
  • Updated administration forms for better styling and to work with jQuery
  • Added feature to let plugins have assets, which are automatically moved to a web accessible location upon plugin activation.
  • Added plugin auto-install functionality
  • Created a BasePlugin class to simplify plugin development
  • Added ability to preview a draft post or page
  • Many bug fixes

You can read more in the release notes. Enjoy!

We want to hear from you

You have a great idea for a plugin, a new feature or really want a bug fixed. We want to know! I've setup a website where you can write your ideas and vote for the features you want implemented or for the bugs to be fixed.

Head over and have your voice heard!

Comment moderation plugin

Comment moderation is a feature that many people have asked for. Because Mango does not have that functionality out of the box, I created a plugin that will add moderation settings to your admin.

Download plugin.

Code Coloring by EmpireGP Services

Russell Brown has created a new color coding plugin that doesn't have some of the drawbacks that the built-in color coding plugin has. Read more at Plugin Introduction and an update.

SweetTweets Plugin

Adam Tuttle has recently released a new plugin called SweetTweets. SweetTweets will show posts made in twitter that link back to your post. You can see it in action in his post: SweetTweets — A Plugin for Anything (Including Mango).

After the initial release he made a series of updates:

SweetTweetsCFC 1.3 — Now CF7 compatible

SweetTweets 1.4

Log Viewer plugin

Adam Tuttle has created yet another useful Mango plugin. This time is a log viewer that allows you to view and remove logs created by Mango that help you trouble shooting problems with plugins or your Mango install. Read more and download from Adam's post:  Log Viewer Plugin for Mango Blog