ShareMe plugin

John Gag has ported Mark Aplet's "Share This!" tag and created a plugin you can simply turn on. Just like the original tag version, it will add a few links to different social bookmarking websites. Read more and download from CFTips blog.

Flash Showcase plugin

Did you need an easy way to embed Flash movies into your posts? With the Flash Showcase plugin created by Russell Brown, now you can. Read more and download at Russell's blog.

Everything you need to know about Mango pods - Part 2: Plugin Pods

In part 2 of Adam's series on how to create pods for your Mango blog, Adam explains how a plugin can show a pod. Using plugins for pods allows you to add as many pods as you want, and those are not dependent on the theme's built-in template pods.

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Review by Ben Forta: "Mango Blog Is Truly Impressive"

Ben Forta has written a review about his own experiences with Mango Blog.

The blog is fast, looks good [...], and the Administrator tool is superb.

I am more than impressed with the code and how extensibility and flexibility were thought of and built in from the very beginning.

I am very happy about this very positive review. Thank you, Ben!

RelatedEntries plugin updated

Adam Tuttle has updated his RelatedEntries plugin to work with Mango 1.3. If you are using this plugin, it is recommended that you update it.

LogViewer plugin updated

Adam Tuttle has updated his LogViewer plugin. His plugin is now taking advantage of the custom icon feature for plugins that add themselves to the administrator menu.