Version 1.5 Released

Last week, Mango Blog version 1.5 was released. You can find the update in your administration.

It includes bug fixes, leaner error logs and more:


  • Added multi-category archives as in archives.cfm/category/news,events
  • Updated File Explorer
  • Added "asset selector" form field (thanks to Adam Tuttle!)
  • Added "countable" form field
  • Fixed rendering problems in administration when using Chrome
  • Reduced the amount of logging done on plugin failures. Full error logging will only be performed if level is set to "debug" in configuration file.
  • Plugins can now add custom panels very easily by adding an xml file.
  • Added method to update custom field without incurring into version change.
  • Added methods to add custom permissions for plugins
  • Fixed issues with IE and pod formatting
  • Fixed Revision Manager errors


Custom Field for Page Title

Russ Michaels explains how to use custom fields to have two different page titles, one for the menu and one for the main page title. It is a good guide that gives you some ideas on how you can use custom fields for anything that you need to add to a given post or page.

Read more at Russ' blog.