How to Create a Post Using Mango's API

Justin Scott wrote a good tutorial explaining how to programmatically create posts (ie: posts coming from a feed or another CMS) using the API. You can read more at Justin's blog.

Simple Rating Plugin

I've created a plugin that adds "star ratings" to the bottom of your posts. To function correctly, your theme must dispatch the event "beforePostContentEnd". Most of the recent themes have the event, but it is possible that your theme doesn't have it. If so, then this must be at the end of your full post page:

<mango:Event name="beforePostContentEnd" template="post" mode="full" />

This in the index, after each post:

<mango:Event name="beforePostContentEnd" template="index" mode="excerpt" />

and this after each post in the archives:

<mango:Event name="beforePostContentEnd" template="archives" mode="excerpt" />

You can download it from:



Birds of a Feather Session at CFUnited

If you use Mango (or are thinking about it) and are attending CFUnited, you should come to the Birds of a Feather session on Wednesday night. Adam Tuttle will be there too, so we'll be able to help out with any question you may have.

Session description:

If you are using Mango Blog or curious about it, this is your opportunity to get together with other users to share experiences, tips and tricks. Laura Arguello, the creator of Mango Blog, will moderate this session and you'll be able to ask any beginner or advanced question.

How to Enable Verbose Logging

In version 1.5, I cut down the amount of logging stored when a plugin has an error. Adam Tuttle explains how to enable additional information to be logged when you are debugging a plugin or an error. Read at Adam's blog.

Related Entries Plugin Update

A change in the API for Mango 1.5 made Adam Tuttle's Related Entries plugin fail when a post was updated. He has fixed the issue and posted a new version. Read more and download from Adam's blog.

Hidden Gems in Mango 1.5

Adam Tuttle wrote a post about some of the changes made in release 1.5. A good read, specially if you are using MSSQL. Read at Adam's blog.

RememberLogin Plugin

Paul Klinkenberg created a plugin that adds a 'remember login' checkbox to the login form, and will automatically log you in later if you checked it. You can read more and download from Paul's blog.