Version 1.6 Released

I've released version 1.6, along with the automatic update, which you can find in your administration.

Important: this update transfered most of the settings in the config file to the database. When you run the update, it is possible that some of the values are not correctly transferred. You just need to open the database, table setting, and check that the slashes in values in the "value" column are correct for all of the paths starting with "system/".

The changes in the config files aimed at making it easier to run blogs in the cloud and in load balanced environments. It also makes it possible to install multiple blogs under the same directory (ie:,

What the update includes:

  • Big changes in the initialization of the Mango and the general settings, which are no longer in the configuration file
  • Updated the facade to be easier to use in multi-site installs
  • Added permission for profile management
  • Added permissions for comment management
  • Added new system plugin to help manage assets such as creating automatic thumbnails using a URL
  • Added output for archives to show current page number and total number of pages
  • Added ifHasDescription to AuthorProperty. 
  • Added currentCount to PodProperty tag
  • Added ifNotHasPicture to author tag
  • Fixed issue with IE not showing the directories in the file explorer
  • Added setup directory removal after setup is complete. Written by Adam Tuttle
  • Fixed problems in Atom feeds when blog was installed in root
  • Added a table to fix layout issue in post form
  • Added attribute ifCustomFieldEQ to PostProperty
  • Transfered some "if" tests from PostProperty tag to Post tag
  • Added getting posts with a custom field or custom field value. 
  • Added some "if" tests to Category tag
  • Hide Cache if user can't "manage_system"
  • Bug fixes to API
  • Fixed issue with RevisionManager plugin in Railo
  • Added Blogger import. Written by Alan Rother