Blog Tag

<mango:Blog />


title: Outputs the blog's title

tagline: Outputs the blog's tagline

description: Outputs the blog's description

url: Outputs the blog's main address

searchUrl: Outputs the address to which search forms should post

atomurl: Outputs the address of the Atom feed

rssurl: Outputs the address of the RSS feed

skinurl: Outputs the path to the current skin

apiUrl: Outputs the address of the external API

charset: Outputs the current character set

basePath: Outputs the path of the blog from the website root (i.e. /blog/)

host: Outputs the host address of the blog

languageAbbr: Outputs the current language abbreviation

date: Outputs the current date formatted by the dateformat attribute

dateformat: Format to use when outputing dates(default: mm/dd/yyyy, for other options, any string dateformat() function accepts can be used)

format: Format to use when outputing date (default: plain, other options: xml)