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  1. Mark Aplet
    I finally got a rough draft of my blog online at http://visual28.com Still plenty of work to be done but it's off to a good start :)
  2. Lachie Thomas
    Love your work! Thanks. I have created mine here

  3. Abhijeet
    I am very interesting in Mangoblog platform since I read about it [I had first visited your blog last month]. I am on my way to book new domain name so I can build a new blog using your platform and then compare it with Wordpress or blogger that we have been using regularly. I am sure Mangoblog will be a great flexible platform.

    I have seen many blogs that are developed using Mangoblog, rather they were the ones to send me here :)

  4. Mark Aplet
    I just helped my friend set up his site with mango and he has created a nice site from it. He is a great artist so check out his doodles at http://52doodles.com/
  5. Wally Kolcz
    I am now another mango blog fan and user!
  6. Reinhard Jung
    Great skinnings...
  7. Mark CE
    Looks promising so far..
  8. Dave
    I'm lovin' 1.1! The URL Rewriting Guide is also a very nice and helpful addition. Thank you!!!
  9. Martin
    hi, we update the blog for the adobe user group in Colombia. saludos from Bogotá Colombia
  10. Stacy
    Thanks so much for your efforts.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Mango.

    You got me, "I'm hooked on Mango"!
  11. Matthew C. Miller
    Mango Blog is a wonderful Cold Fusion application that has allowed the rapid development of www.ROCKandREVIEW.com a music news and review site focused on under top-40 radar artists from the U.S. and around the world. The typical long-winded entries of most music review sites are exchanged for short, pithy reviews that focus on the music. The site has received tremendous response that would not have been immediately realized without the quality and reliability of ASFusion's Mango Blog. Even though it is an early release, it is already surpassing the ease of use of the established CF Blogs. Try it out.
  12. dnh
    Great app that sped site development way up for www.dailynewshammer.com Easy to customize. Mango power!
  13. Muthu Kumar
    I am also tasting the sweetness of mango ;)
  14. Jeremy Yoder
    Great app. Seriously. Fantastico. Amazing.
  15. Jeremy Yoder
    Oh, forgot to say that I use it at www.baxterboo.com/catdogblog

    Again, I say! Great App!
  16. Joseph H. James Jr.
    we use Mango for 19 bloggers!
  17. Paul
    We use Mango with Oracle as a news site for Crowley Marine. It is at http://news.crowleymarine.com.
  18. Donovan Johnson - Mango Ltd
    What's in a name?

    I was looking for a coldfusion engine to power our blog and imagine my surprise coming across a mangoblog!

    That's awesome, you guys are great, thanks for starting this and we look forward to contributing some plugins.

    Go the mighty Mango!
  19. Laura
    Funny that you used the same name :)
  20. Pierre-Olivier
    Really easy to use and to customize. In less than few hours I was able to create my first plugin for it base on others work
  21. Casey
    CBengine.com has been using Mango Blog for a few months now... works great.
  22. jeff
    Costume Blog now uses mango. Liking it so far.
  23. Ron
    Have been using Mango for the last few months on indievinyl.com. So far enjoying it and all the plug-ins that are available. Thanks.
  24. Roger Lightfoot
    Fantastic - fully integrated with our main CF site in a few hours Http://www.hobbsparker.co.uk/blog.

    Thanks - Roger
  25. Steve Glachan
    New and n00b-ish ... but running Mango :)

    Thanks a lot guys, it's great to work with.
  26. nooree jang
    Mango forever!!
  27. Daniel Schmid
    What a nice blog eigine. Thanks a lot for genious work!
  28. Wade
    Great blog. After making my own skin, I now have it going. http://www.techs-on-call.biz/blog

  29. Unibands
    This is a lovely blog engine! I was going to use BlogCFC, but the code in this one looks so much cleaner...which, as a designer...makes it very easy to skin and therefore saves me a lot of time.

    Once I get the blog up and running I will let you guys know about it!

    Rock on!!
  30. Bands

    Just so you know, this comment box does not scroll!! Makes writing a message longer than a few lines invisible. Probably an "overflow: hidden;" thing in your CSS. Change it to "overflow: auto;".

  31. Patrick Heppler
    my blog about web development (german)
  32. Rob Barthle
    My personal blog uses this now, really liking it.
  33. Webmaster Alex
    Started using this application back in May of this year and loving it.

  34. Business Websites
    We are about to switch over our clients blogs from wordpress to the mango platform.


    <p>Richard Micheals/Designer at <a href="http://www.freewebsitegiveaways.com">Business Websites</a></p>
  35. Tom King
    http://www.oxalto.co.uk/blog/ is now running on Mango - and using the OxAlto Capita theme
  36. norcal
    Norcal Studios in Brazil are using mangoblog http://www.norcalstudios.com.br/norcalblog/
  37. Mike Chandler
    Hi there! I'm running MangoBlog as well and would like to be on this list. I'm looking forward to exploring add-ons with the API!
  38. Katie
    It's a work in progress but so far so good
  39. jbuda
    I have started my blog and am running MangoBlog.

    Have created a couple of plugins already and find the whole MangoBlog package a breeze to use and upgrade.
  40. The Masker
    i think i will start using the mangoblog too for my blog about masks. It has a lot of great and useful features.
  41. Media Dog Productions
    We use Mango for our ColdFusion and Flash website design blog at http://www.mediadog.ca/blog/
  42. John Gag
    I have been running Mango! Could you please add me to the list. http://www.cftips.net Thanks!
  43. John Corliss
    shawneetearoom.com is another mango blog for your list. Any Mango Blog theme generators out there?
  44. Kelly
    Not only do we use Mango Blog for our two company Savvy Software (besavvy.com)and Harbour Light (harbourlight.com) blogs, we also install for all of our website clients. Very delicious application indeed.
  45. Prinz Fritz
    coldfusion in germany, and uses Resin/Railo ...not such a apache ... ;o)=
  46. Erik Ruthven
    I am runnning mango blog on my site
  47. Erik Ruthven
    Oh!, and please add my site to list eriksruthven.com
  48. Michael Cummins
    CFJazz is powered by Mango
  49. Kevin Shively
    It works great for me!
  50. Bingo
    we are using it too!
  51. Marcel
    I'm using it too and only just discovered the update feature, excellent! :)
  52. Birgit Pauli-Haack
    Birgit Pauli-Haack
    We use Mango Blog on www.paulisystems.net and on www.Unanimousmovie.com

    We love it and are very, very happy with it.
  53. Dusty Carr
    Mango blog is awesome! I was really impressed with the simplicity of the install...it just can't get any easier.
  54. Dusty Carr
    Our Mango blog site is <a href="http://lake-oconee-homes.com/blog/index.cfm">Lake Oconee Real Estate</a> I love Mango! it's so easy to use.
  55. Frank van den Dungen

    I have setup a new blog using Mango. See it at http://www.fvddungen.nl


  56. ming
    I used Mango blog for my site.
  57. m
    Hello, I can't setup mangoBlog on Railo +MySQL 5
  58. Laura
    It's hard to tell without more info. Please post in the forums, with more information regarding why you can't set it up.

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