1. Add password reset function
  2. Internationalization
  3. Add enclosures support
  4. Enhance multi-blog support
  5. Enhance installer


  • Enhance the Statistics plugin
  • [[Plugin ideas|More plugin ideas]]


  1. Howard Fore
    Howard Fore
    I think trackbacks are one of those accepted features in the blogging community for world-class blog engines. Having said that, I'm not sure I'd miss them if I didn't have them.
  2. Laura
    Yeah, my issue with trackbacks is that they have become yet another source of spam (and therefore the need to fight it) and also that they are sometimes confusing when they are mixed with comments.
  3. Dan Sorensen
    Are there any plans to allow for code formatting so that I can display Coldfusion source code within a blog post? As far as your planned updates go, the installer was very easy to use already. :-)
  4. Dan Sorensen
    Answering my own question: I see on this page: ... that a plugin is already available for code coloring. I'll have to look into that. Too bad the Rich Text Editor goofs that up. :-(
  5. Dan Sorensen
    Update #3: ...hmmm I should have look a little deeper before adding these comments, but to come full circle, here's a nifty little post to overcome the issue I mentioned above: Overall, I'm quite impressed with this application! :-)
  6. Ben
    I think if you read or know most blogs these days, Trackbacks are a thing of the past. I don't think many serious bloggers use them anymore.
  7. David
    I agree with Laura that trackbacks are confusing to the reader. They never really made any sense anyway. I think this ia an opportunity ti fix this "blogging curse" and just say no.
  8. PedroriB

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